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I also draw stuff. This is the main blog. There's also one filled with old crap, so you can see my art evolution over the years, if you're into that kinda thing.

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Action girls!!


i just wanna be tumblr popular enough 2 get ppl to draw me as a magical girl

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Despite how much I love Magi and the character designs, I always wondered why everyone’s so pale despite living in the desert. I was watching Lawrence of Arabia just the other day and even Peter O’Toole, with his blonde hair and blue eyes, was a hell of a lot tanner than how they are in this anime. And then I saw the original concept art for the Fanalis, which had much darker skin. So I wanted to do a little test with Morgana, because she’s my queen. The first image is how I personally imagined her before seeing the anime.

Plus, I wanted to draw something inspired by the character in 1001 Arabian Nights as well, hence the change of outfit and dancing with dangerous weapons.

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Finishing up this quickie. I like to give some characters different complexions than in the anime, since, y’know, they live in the DESERT. (Okay, maybe not Titus, but you get my point.)

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Sorry Titus, my poor bby, I’ll ink your girly face eventually.

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Unstoppable Hurricane!

I started volunteering at a place in East St. Louis, and it’s really fun because I get to hang out with a bunch of kids for a while, help with homework, play games, eat a snack, and make crafts. Either way, I thought I’d draw some cute things, and this might just go to one of the kids.

Based off this

(I don’t normally make flat out reproductions apart from art history studies and screenshot memes, but the kiddos responded to it so well… And I get really happy when I get to draw for them! Especially something awesome like the original illustration. But if I’m asked to take this down, I will do so!)

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How To Draw Better In 2 Minutes

I expected this to be a troll video about sacrificing your soul in exchange for art skills or something but this was actually very informative.




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Sale? SALE!!!

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Okay guys, so I’ve finally finished the fem!England set. And I’m just as proud of this as I am of fem!America’s. I will note this was a bit harder to draw than the first one, because of the Elizabethan era being, well, the  Elizabethan era. Also, since the images have transparency, I just cropped them based on that, which lead to the thumbnails looking kinda cut off… But it’s still okay, because it’s still all here for your enjoyment! Also, I know little about flag history, so if I did something wrong matching appropriate flags to periods, tell me. If I’m not too lazy I will fix it. Or at least shove the fact I am completely wrong in everyone’s faces.

Naturally this is going on DA as well, but with my stupidly long descriptions going on about facts and me being a history buff/fashion nerd, if that combination can even functionally exist, it’ll take a bit.

Sorry this took too long, but y’know - life.

(Also, total-drama-anime, you still up for that cosplay challenge you mentioned God-knows how long ago?)

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"All angels go by the name Erika". I say as i draw this for art history…

Damnit 8th Prince, using her as target practice is not how to flirt with your love interest!

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Ehhh. Splashed a few values/colours on this thing from art history. Mesopotaimian jewelry is the best. It’s so surprising intricate, I daresay even cooler than Egypt. I tried to stick with brown, because: A) that’s what I tend to do anyway, and B) I think it works well seeing as most art from the area was done in clay. Now I was just kinda doodling this, so I wasn’t being super specific about accuracy like normal, but you still get the gist of it, right? Also it’s been a while since I’ve drawn in this style. It’s similar to the stuff I when I’m scheduled to draw guests at gallery receptions.

Either way, I want to reread Anatolia Story now…

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