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I like to draw stuff. I could be a serious artist if I didn't draw all this anime shit. I also do history things too. Because it's super serious and whatever. I'm as sophisticated as hell, and generally of an affable disposition. Neutral good, but with chaotic evil tendencies.

☆I'm just a lonely little meme, so don't be afraid to message me!☆

Opps my hand slipped while taking notes. Probably aliens.

Quick Audrey sketch

I like to draw flowers and voluminous hair. It’s a good way to spend a rainy day.


do you have any tips with drawing tied back hair?

There you go! Don’t be too neat when drawing hair, they should run wilddd

From my recent trip to Six Flags during Frightfest. The Colossus had a jack-o-lantern face, the haze made the lights super gorgeous, and the park was just 2spooky in general.

You see, my quizzes in U.S. History are really easy so I have to sit there for a couple of minutes while everyone is still working…

I like how you put Nyo!America in the WAVES. Nice touch. I love it when people do historical hetalia.

Thanks! I really loved that particular uniform, since if you get rid of the military details it looks like a proper women’s dress suit - and a stylish one at that. Took me a while to get the hat right tho.

  spookyhokage said:
Just to say, you've used the wrong flag in the Hetalia fanart except for one picture. The correct flag for England is the red cross. I know the Union Jack is often confused but please pay attention to small things like that because other countries in the UK suffer a lot from erasure and are considered to be the same place as England which really hurts our culture. I know it's an easy mistake to make but could you please fix it? Thank you!

Actually, I didn’t confuse them. I do understand the the Union Jack is not the English flag, but actually a combination of different crosses for the United Kingdom. But since Himaruya often uses the Union Jack for England in official art and often stated things like calling him “Britain” in the dub when appropriate for the era and that Iggy is not only the personification of England, but also officially represents the UK in the Hetaliaverse (when historically applicable). He’s stated to have all those siblings (who have yet to appear save for Scotland’s angry letter and messenger bird), but they’re not normally the ones that go to all those international meetings under the label U.K.. And from what I can tell it would also make sense to put Iggy in that position when looking at things like monarchy and who-succeeded-who.

That’s the main reason why I didn’t use just the flag with St. George’s Cross on most of it (though I was really close to doing it), only for the Elizabethan outfit as that would still be the Kingdom of England under the Tudors. And the Georgian one should also be a bit different, as it’s the Kingdom of Great Britain. (Ah, but I’m American and our education system sucks balls, so I could have learned everything wrong). I made my decision on the flag thing partially because I’m a detail-whore, not only with the outfits but also with the Hetalia canon. And I did label the flags in my super long-ass artist’s comments on deviantArt (which probably isn’t sufficient, but I tried)…

You can find plenty of examples of Himaruya and the anime doing the same thing: here, here, here, here, and here.

Basically, I was following the lead set by Himaruya, and I sure as hell had no intention of upsetting anyone! I definitely understand your point, and I wholeheartedly agree that the little things make some of the biggest difference! But with my logic as to why (if I didn’t do a shit job explaining it), would you still prefer I change it? Because I’m totally cool with that, though it’s been reblogged quite a few times, so I just kinda feel like changing things just isn’t the same as it would be on other sites, because of how it’s set up with reblogs. (︶︹︺)

As part of the T.I.P. I made for my education class, I, of course, needed finished samples. The idea was to make fake magazine covers for my totally-not-real art history class. It was pretty easy, actually, since I did these in what would be a little over a single class period.

Also, golden Jesus.

Since so many people liked my Morgiana drawing, I drew some headshots of the main cast members in anime vs headcanon skintones. You may or may not agree with these, and I’m totally cool with that, but I still think doing this is really interesting. Can this be like, a thing in the fandom? Because I’d like to see other people’s ideas on their appearances. Also, I suggest clicking on the images and looking at them individually as well as side-by-side, to get the full effect.

I might do more of these sometime, but now I need to finish my sample lesson plan for tomorrow.

I’m clearly a very serious artist/historian. I’ll be a good teacher, I swear!

Wow the lights up here are awesome thanks to all the haze! And this ferris wheel i like being in a birdcage. I am loving frightfest and i might just draw something based off of this.

Sparkling Prince.

Also, I love the colour aqua.

Quick sketches of Anatolia babes! (Yuri counts, right?) Really, this series needs more fanart. I love drawing these two, though I don’t do so often. The costume design and accessories are probably the best part.

I did these during class, and there are like, 20 things I want to add/remove/change. I should just draw proper fanart of this power couple. ( ̄□ ̄)